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Naturopaths use a range of non-invasive techniques to assess the causative factors of a patient's health problems. It is not necessary for the Naturopath to name a disease, as the holistic approach looks at the physical, mental and emotional aspects, the function of the various systems of the body as well as external influences.

Naturopathy comprises of a range of modalities such as nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy. As part of a treatment plan the Naturopath will also educate the patient about the cause of their health problems and how to alter such things as diet and lifestyle to assist in the healing and recovery process. The Naturopath may also suggest nutritional supplements, herbal medicines or homeopathic preparations when designing a patient's individual treatment program.

Naturopathy is gaining recognition as a part of the Australian health care system and the holistic approach used by Naturopaths to the prevention and treatment of all disease states is now being recognised by many medical practitioners.

A Naturopathic Consultation

During a naturopathic consultation it will be necessary for the patient to answer many question in order for the practitioner to establish a history about the presenting complaint as well as other health problems.

The patient history along with aids such as Iridology or iris diagnosis will assist in assessing the current state of health as well as the progress of a patient's treatment. The Naturopath can tell from markings or signs in the iris, the condition of various organs and systems of the body. These markings or signs give a detailed picture of the integrity of the body indicating constitutional strengths, areas of congestion or toxic accumulation and inherited strengths and weaknesses.

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